Twin DJ duo, DJ Double Vision is known for pushing the envelop with intricate and layered mixes, genre blending is their forte. Every set they do is different because they choose music for the moments. Their sets range from Funk and R&B to Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Jazz, and so much more. They’re both music nerds… so their library is endless.

tee_twins from rachel henderson on Vimeo.

Starting their musical journey at the age of 8, they grew up playing piano, guitar, and woodwind instruments. This benefited both of them when moving into mixing because they had a good foundation. They are consistently perfecting their craft of turntablism and tracking down the newest music. Having individual styles of DJing also allows them to create many collaborative mixes exploring bent genres.

When people ask what type of music they play, it is hard to describe because they both thrive for innovating new sounds from good music, beats, and samples. When asking each other to describe their personal DJ styles, here is what each of them said:

Nicole: “I’ve always been gravitated to rhythmic tones like the drum, vocal chants, and spoken word. Using raw recorded samples of these elements within mixes is a personal touch I like to add”.

Rae: “In my mixes, I find myself transforming songs into original samples. It’s fun to listen to a song and be able to draw out who and what could have inspired the artist. Doing this continuously expands my musical knowledge.

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