Reena Tolentino is a talented painter, actress & singer, she surrounds her life using her creative to motivate and inspire all who listen and watch.

Reena Tolentino sparked a new inspiration for her current art series “Hollywood Icons of 1990s: Gone But NeverForgotten.” She came back full swing with her new work at the Stone Malone Gallery on the famous fashion street, Melrose Avenue. Reena has had past art shows displayed at RAW artists (LA), Street Art Fair International, AC Gallery, Stone Malone Gallery, Skirball Center and Art Basel Miami 2017. She’s received previous artist editorials with Koncept Magazine and Elegant Magazine.

Reena pursued her talent as an actress with the late singer, and actress, #Aaliyah, on set of the video production “Journey To The Past,” not knowing what huge of an impression Aaliyah would leave Reena for years to come. A dedicated actress committed to learning the craft, Reena trained early on with the legendary Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler Acting Schools and as a young child, she’s played various roles appearing in “Married With Children,” “7th Heaven,” “Clueless,” “Beverly Hills 90210″ & “iCarly.” Most recently, she has worked with Italian film director, Giorgio Serafini in action film ‘Dolph Lundgren’ alongside Billy Zane and has @NickCannon on his film “School Dance.”