IconicReach Featured Influencers: @ceraadi

@ceraadi consists of three sisters Saiyr 22, Emaza 20, Znuie 18. Sir-Rah-Dee is all three sisters middle names put together. Cer is Saiyr’s, short for Cerai. Aa is Znuié’s, short for Aahjefi. Di is Emaza’s, short for Dilante. Ceraadi resides in south-central LA, originally from Iowa. They left in the middle of the night to pursue their dreams of becoming the next iconic group. The Ceraadi sisters have been submerged with music since birth in every genre from funk, rock, hip-hop, country, R&B, and pop. Ceraadi wants to be the voice for the younger crowd. If they were to describe their sound. It would be called hood-pop with lyrics that anyone can relate to.

They have been dropping content independently, like their first release “Favorite song” in 2015 and “That’s Bae” in 2016, which they completely funded and directed. Ceraadi has appeared on the E! Channel reality show, “Christina Milian Turned Up” in 2015. Ceraadi has worked with the platinum/Grammy Award winning producer Dem Jointz, who has produced for Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Janet Jackson the list goes. Ceraadi has a great fan base on Instagram with 452K, with over 4 million views a week for their energetic 60 second viral dance videos. Ceraadi also has a great following on YouTube. With over 450K subscribers and over 33 Million views since July 2017. Ceraadi is known for their music playlists. So much so that Atlantic Records has asked Ceraadi to help break their new artists. By choosing the music from their roster that Ceraadi feels would go viral via Playlists and dance challenges. Ceraadi is currently working with AOK Productions to create a cartoon version of Ceraadi that will be a series on their YouTube. Ceraadi is also planning to dive back into music this Spring 2018.

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